3332   Digital Fundamentals and Imaging.   Beginning course in digital photography,  image manipulation, basic art elements, design principles, color theory, and composition. Utilizes Adobe Photoshop, a current image manipulation software along with beginning digital camera techniques, bringing dissimilar elements together in order to form powerful imagery. Course emphasis is on composition and development of self-expression. Access to a digital camera required. Research project required. PRE: Junior status. Fee $50. B

DMA3341 Advertising Design. Beginning course for visual communicators, such as artists, graphic designers, marketing advertising, and image consultants, interested in graphic arts for expression and more effective communication. Includes advertising campaigns, editorial illustrations, oral presentations, retail packaging designs, and displays. Lecture, demonstration, and hands on experience. Students gain a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Research project required. PRE: ART 1305, DMA2344, Junior classification or departmental permission required. F Fee: $50

4330  Digital Media Internship/Portfolio. Visual communication experience in a local business context under the direction and supervision of management and faculty. Internship requires 90 hours of field placement and portfolio development. B