DMA4352/Online/01 - SpTop: UI/UX Interface Experience


DMA3331 Game Design. Introduction of game design with Unity 3D game engine including storytelling, game genre, theme, audience, production, player considerations, scripts, sequences, testing, and debugging. Research project required. Instructor permission required. Fee

DMA4330/Practicum/01 - Digital Media Internship/Portfolio Credits 3.00 
Visual communication experience in a local business context under the direction and supervision of management and faculty. Internship requires 90 hours of field placement and portfolio development. B

3332   Digital Fundamentals and Imaging.   Beginning course in digital photography,  image manipulation, basic art elements, design principles, color theory, and composition. Utilizes Adobe Photoshop, a current image manipulation software along with beginning digital camera techniques, bringing dissimilar elements together in order to form powerful imagery. Course emphasis is on composition and development of self-expression. Access to a digital camera required. Research project required. PRE: Junior status. Fee $50. B

Motion Graphics. Beginning course in manipulating images in sequence with motion for web designers, graphic artists, etc. It utilizes graphics arts for expression and/or effective communication through motion for cartooning and interactive web design in a Mac environment. Lecture, demonstration, and hands on experience. Each student gains a working knowledge of Flash. Research project required. Fee $50. F