Motion Graphics. Beginning course in manipulating images in sequence with motion for web designers, graphic artists, etc. It utilizes graphics arts for expression and/or effective communication through motion for cartooning and interactive web design in a Mac environment. Lecture, demonstration, and hands on experience. Each student gains a working knowledge of Flash. Research project required. Fee $50. F

Course Description

2344 Multimedia Design. Animation techniques, photo manipulation, page layout, and video for use in multimedia and web design projects. Utilizes current Adobe software: InDesign, Illustrator, Premier, Flash, and Photoshop in a Mac environment. Requires an experiential knowledge of computer graphics, color, and design techniques. Project required.  S Fee $50

3332  Digital Fundamentals and Imaging. Beginning course in digital photography,  image manipulation, basic art elements, design principles, color theory, and composition. Utilizes Adobe Photoshop, a current image manipulation software along with beginning digital camera techniques, bringing dissimilar elements together in order to form powerful imagery. Course emphasis is on composition and development of self-expression. Access to a digital camera required. Research project required. PRE: Junior status. Fee $50. B

COURSE DESCRIPTION: DMA4330 Digital Media Internship/Portfolio. 
Visual communication experience in a local business context
under the direction and supervision of management and faculty.
Internship requires 90 hours of field placement and portfolio development. B