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EDU 5315 Curriculum and Instructional Leadership

Summer - 2017


Course Description

This course provides an examination of general leadership competencies and educational leadership in our changing world. It includes a review of qualities and ethical dimensions of effective leadership, working with people (students, faculty, staff, and community) in collaboration, leading the curriculum and instructional program and understanding and responding to change.

Instructor Contact Information:

Dr. Bill Kingston

(806) 720 7876

Cell & Text  (806) 252 2923

Week 1   Jan. 7  SEMINAR #1


  • Syllabus, Research Toolbox Forms
  • Sagor, Ch. 1-2, Mills, Ch. 1
  • Access Eileen Ferrance online article
  • View Power Point  :Welcome
  • View Mills, Lecture 1
  • Due:  Jan. 12. Post on Moodle

Assignment # 1   Resume

Quick Write #1Wk. 1 Activity Journal