Hello and welcome to Psych Stats!!!  This is a tough course to take online, but I am here to help you.  I know that there are many classes that you can get by without reading the text book...this is NOT one of them.  The first 4 chapters, I will provide a PowerPoint to go along with your readings.  From chapter 5 through the remainder of the course, I will also provided a summary to help in your readings.  My summaries do not cover everything, but certainly hit the high points.

The other thing that is very beneficial for students is to complete the learning checks throughout the semester.  If you struggle somewhere, contact me!  My cell is 806-438-2996.  While I am willing for you to call and text me, I do ask that you respect my family time.  Please call me during the hours of 9am -8pm M-F, and 10am-9pm  Saturday and Sunday.  I check my email often, so feel free to use that as well!  If you email me using Moodle, I also receive and email.  I typically email you back using my LCU account, so always check you LCU email and not simply Moodle.

Now, let's get busy.....

Dr. Eade