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This course will address the specific ethical issues which leaders confront, especially issues related to power, influence, manipulation, service and personal character. Often leaders are confronted with difficult ethical situations. Leaders are tempted in a number of different ways, especially to use their authority within the system in which they act as a leader, to coerce, manipulate, or take advantage of others for what appears to be some benefit, be it personal, institutional, or ideological. Leadership often requires establishing the values for a certain organization or organizational culture. How does one lead ethically? Is it right to transform others into one's own vision of what they should be, for the sake of an organizational goal? Ought leaders merely to cultivate consenus? Should a leader ever hold his followers to a higher standard than he or she holds his or her self? This course will deal with the peculiar "sins" which leaders are prone to commit. While this course may at times address questions related to business or medical ethics, the focus will be on the leadership dilemmas which confront those in leadership roles.
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