Resources Needed to be Successful in Moodle

LCU is a Windows campus.

For best results, use a PC Windows device. Your computer must be updated to the latest Operating System (OS) and run weekly updates.

  • Updated Mac devices can be used with the understanding that there may be a difference in instructions, updates, and system requirements; not all activities will function as expected.
  • Chromebooks or other devices that operate on the Chromebook OS are not recommended due to the device and OS limitations.
  • While tablets may work for some activities, they may not work for all requirements.

Microsoft Office

Current versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher are provided at no additional cost:

Go to > sign in with your LCU email and password > Install Office 365 products.

Lifesize Video Conferencing

Attend virtual course sessions, virtual faculty office hours, and virtual club meetings through Lifesize meeting links.

  • Course meeting extensions are located in the Technology Support section in Moodle and in the Instructor Information block of each course.


The listed specifications are not requirements but are recommended:

  • Devices with more memory and a larger SSD drive will process faster, allow more storage for both files and programs:
    • 16GB Memory or more, 256GB SSD
  • The latest and more powerful processors run faster, use less energy, and increase upload times.
  • Some programs will not function with older processors.
  • Operating Systems: generally business or pro editions offer more functionality than home or student editions.

Students may be required to join virtual meetings, record presentations, demonstrations, or role-playing. Additional hardware required:

  • Camera, mic, and speaker. Depending on device, students may have to purchase these.
  • "Allow" camera, mic, and speaker access as prompted when using recording or virtual meeting software.

Browser Information

  • Access Moodle through Mozilla Firefox or Chrome for best results.
    • Need help downloading a browser? Contact ChapDesk.
  • Update your browser and device weekly.
  • Allow pop-ups in your browser settings.
  • Make sure your wifi connection is strong
    • Turn off other wifi-using devices if your connection is poor.
Last modified: Monday, July 1, 2024, 4:47 PM